Don’t Want to Waste ________

Fill in the blank. There are a million things that can be wasted: food, time, money, etc.. The list goes on and on. I’ve been reflecting on that more and more recently. Mostly because I’ve been delving into the world of making money online: website testing, surveys, and crowd-sourcing. The latter is particularly fascinating as it is the equivalent of working for an multinational billion dollar corporation in a third world country. For three cents a Fortune 500 company can receive valuable feedback on the probability that their product will sell to their target customer, a record label can determine whether their artist has a hit or not, and a YouTube Channel can gain more views for a fraction of that.

I first heard of the term crowd-sourcing when watching the second season of the Netflix series the OA ( recently cancelled). If you haven’t watched the show and your into alternate dimensions I would recommend it. It walks a thin line of thriller, science fantasy, and hallmark. The second season starts with a missing girl and a crowd sourcing app. Teens spend days weeks and months solving puzzles trying to reach a point they actually earn good money for their efforts. However, only one person has reached that feat and she is now missing.

In my voyage to work remotely I have been considering what is actually worth my time and effort? I, like most of us, generally need money right away to pay bills, transportation, etc.. So I make decisions generally in the short term. So I take on extended phone contracts while others might take on extended car payments. I believe even those who work state jobs and save for retirement are thinking in the short term. Yes 40 hours might net me anywhere between 500 – 800 a week which would add up to about 26,000 – 41,600 a year – assuming I work everyday for the rest of the year but was it worth 2,080 hours? Or how about investing 20,000 – 140,000 into your education to spend the next 5 – 20 plus years paying it back ? Does it actually make sense in terms of time and energy put in? What is the best use of money, food, and time?

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