Everyone should of been naked yesterday, and no, I wasn’t going to be the catalyst. At this point of my life I haven’t worked up that type of courage. I just recognized there was no piece of clothing that was thin enough or ergonomically designed well enough to negate that it was friggin’ hot. Not to mention the heat was making people crazy. This guy, who was probably already crazy, was screaming at another man twice his size: “All around the world 7% – 21% of your people (black people) get arrested or they sell drugs or they steal cars” I was wondering why he chose those two percentages and how much longer he was going to do that until someone punched him in his face. It wasn’t going to be me, my primary concern was air conditioning and staying out of police custody. There was no telling what the air quality was like in booking that day. I walked passed the mayhem and slid into Panera. I found my place next to a man rolling cigarettes with one of those rolling machines. He was very talkative and getting on my nerves. I wanted to leave but I knew the heat would get me. Fully dressed and stuck, I knew my life had to change. 

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