Last Minute Flights

I decided not to go to Alaska. The fish people called me and asked me if I could fly out Saturday morning in order to start work immediately. It was a Thursday and the flight was departing from Washington. I had already made plans for the weekend and none of them consisted of how to get to the other side of the country with no money. I didn’t think too much through before applying. Maybe because the job posting was so enticing: a short application process (except a 54 question survey), I would start work immediately, they paid overtime and would take care of the flight lodging and meals! The only catch was you had to fly out of either Seattle or Anchorage. Daydreaming, I put the Seattle-Tacoma International airport as my home address so they would at least consider me. It worked! A  few days later a woman called from Washington with poor service: “I’m not going to sugar coat anything…. its grueling work, bring…*inaudible*….extra eyeglasses, it rains a lot, you might…*inaudible*…bring extra medication, and don’t expect to communicate with the rest of the world.” I wondered how much critical information I missed and if my last days would be spent in salmon sweat factory. I sent an email the next day explaining it wasn’t realistic but I would try again next year. I was sad I couldn’t go. It made me wonder if this is the time of life I finally surrender to boredom and conventional ways of doing things. My therapist says surrender is more spiritual and that it sounded more like resignation. I agreed. I really wanted to go to Alaska.

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